Cut food waste
Sell your food before it reaches expiration and reduce food waste by as much as 85%.
Improve forecasting
Optimize purchasing by gaining an estimate of how much you can sell.
Reduce manual work
Spend less time entering data and handling expired food - no scanning necessary.
Sell at peak value
Create real-time campaigns to make sure the food is sold before you discount it.
Demonstrate brand values
Increase customer loyalty by highlighting your green efforts.
Create visual stories
Produce charts, graphics and reports to illustrate your sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
A simple, smart solution
Our food-waste-reduction technology is built to streamline your retail operations while providing an intuitive interface for store managers and employees.
Discover how TotalCtrl can help you reach your goals.
Make your operations more efficient. Improve your competitive advantage. Increase your profitability.
“One of the most inspiring European food waste changemakers”
(The Food Waste 50 report)
“Providing expertise at the first RE-Food Symposium on emerging challenges of sustainable food production in India”
“TotalCtrl’s work with is one of the best Digital Retail Innovations of 2018”
(Digital Retail Innovations Report 2018)
Our Story
Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.
Working in grocery stores during our studies, we became worried for the future. We witnessed tremendous amounts of food being wasted every day. Together we started our company, TotalCtrl, with the goal of developing a digital tool that would help fight food waste while saving our customers time and money. The company quickly grew, and soon we landed our first major customer. A lot has changed since then. From a simple tool to revolutionary technology: our solution is ranked as one of the world’s most innovative by Retail Insider and we’ve been named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste changemakers by the European Food Waste Innovation Network.
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