What we offer

We believe changing a wasteful consumption can be made easier

TotalCtrl develops sustainable IT solutions that make it easier for the grocery market and consumers to plan, use and buy groceries. With solutions such as pre-expiration notice, inventory and autogeneration of recipes, TotalCtrl helps reduce food, CO2 emissions, costs, better profitability, better inventory management and streamline sales.

In the years to 2050, there is a scarcity of resources where fossil raw materials will be phased out and replaced by renewable biological resources. Food waste today constitute a major part of the total greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore we need to change today's production and consumption patterns. TotalCtrl helps us go from being a use and cast society to being a use and reuse society, from linear economics to circular economics.

Reducing food waste is good for business, society and enviroment.

Through knowledge and the use of heavyweights in the industry, we provide you with a tool that simplifies everyday life. TotalCtrl helps you save money, save time, reduce food waste and controls your inventory.


Sustainability is good business, and unnecessary wasting of food resources as a result of a resource-wasteful consumer culture requires the value chain for food to identify, analyze and develop innovative technical solutions.


TotalCtrl helps you map, coordinate and streamline the use of food resources. A tool to help you control your inventory and involve all links in the value chain for food.


Sustainable IT solutions connected to online supermarkets.